Calmax Supershox 18.5 inch Loop/Loop
DJM Suspension

Calmax Supershox 18.5 inch Loop/Loop

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Calmax Supershox 18.5 inch Loop/Loop Priced As Each - Easy Install - Instructions - No Shock absorbers are a very important part of a “tuned” suspension. To best understand how shocks work, think shock controller rather than shock absorber. That is, after all, what shocks really do. It is the job of your coil/leaf springs (or torsion bars) to actually absorb shock. When you hit a bump or dip in the road, it is the springs that react by absorbing the impact, by compressing and expanding (moving up and down). It is the shock which controls the rate of reaction of the spring. They “control” the springs as they expand and contract. Or said another way – the shocks allow the suspension to dissipate the absorbed energy of bumps and dips in a controlled and comfortable fashion. You have all seen cars or trucks bouncing up and down the road on occasion. This looks silly, is very uncomfortable for the passenger, and can make the vehicle dangerous for the occupants. Remember your high school physics class. Newton’s first law of motion – “Unless acted upon by an outside force, a body at rest tends to stay at rest, and a body in motion tends to stay in motion”. Now if you conducted a science experiment and removed your shocks and went for a ride you would notice how right Newton was. Once your truck starts bouncing it tends to continue bouncing, and bouncing, and, if that’s not bad enough, you could lose control; lose your girlfriend and even lose your lunch. In addition to the unwanted bounce, your shocks are the first line of defense against unsafe brake dive. (Remember from the alignment page how your alignment changes as your suspension cycles). This can cause the truck to handle poorly when you need it to behave at its best. Obviously you don’t want to make the wrong choice with your shocks. DJM Suspension 1800

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